Blood Donation Camp At SPJCM – Singapore

 Blood donation Camp

They say providing one meal to the needy is the biggest Dharma. An even bigger one is donating blood to the really needy. One is a life giver and the other is a life saver.

We at SPJCM Singapore followed the latter to conduct one of the most successful Blood Donation Drives for the Singapore Red Cross. Ably led by Thanneer Sir, our team of volunteers and the workers of the Red Cross made it an event to remember for one and all.


Thaneer Sir and Priyanka

Starting at 1 pm at the registration desk, Donors faced the all new thermometer which went into of all places – the ear for reading the temperature. The panic about the H1N1 flu in this region was the reason behind the entry barrier.  This was followed by a long registration form. It had the most interesting questions in the world. I would let the others answer what the questions were.

Shaheen at the Blood Donation Drive

Then finally we had the hemoglobin count and then voila: The blood donation becomes a reality. 58 of us donated blood went through this process while 15 others who made the noble decision got left out due to one reason or the other; but have vowed to donate within the next month with Thanneer Sir who would take it up later. Well, the refreshments offered were also amazing making it a wholesome experience.  

I was among the first donors

 The whole affair was a resounding success with hardly any bottlenecks and smooth flow of donors right upto the evening. Kudos to us!! I am proud of being part of the whole drive as a volunteer and we promise that more of such initiatives as part of the Leadership Club are on their way..

Just looking forward to the Palau Ubin trip this weekend!!!


3 Responses

  1. Varun, you forgot to mention the big hose like needles that scared many students. :).. kudos to all organizers.. Excellent job!!!

  2. Awesome initiative by SPJCM and Thanneer sir. Lot of people gave for the first time. Hope that they continue the trend and help saving more lives.

  3. really good initiative. Congrats to all who took the decision to donate for the first time.. 🙂

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